Owen Mesdag.  Seattle, Wa. Tactical / Utility Knife.  Made from reused high carbon steel hedge trimming shears blade.


Lael Grant, 2010

Wabi Sabi Cleaver:  9.5″ overall, 5″ chisel grind edge, 3/16th” thick. Made from old table shears tool steel.

This knife is still available

Backside edge of Wabi-Sabi Cleaver.

Private Party. Kirikashi:  Made from salvaged tool steel. 6 7/8th” overall, 4″ handle, 1 5/8th ” cutting edge.


Private Party.  Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.   Kirikashi made from old leaf spring suppension.


Ron Winters Archaeologist, New Mexico.  Utility knife / pry bar made from early 1900s Ford leaf spring suspension. 8 1/8th” overall, 5/16th” thick spine, 4″ handle, 3 3/16 cutting edge.