I have been an avid archer since I was a child.   My father and his family for generations have been engaged in archery for hunting and sport.  I currently instruct traditional / instinctive archery in Santa Fe, NM and on occasion in Washington and Oregon.  I have also had additional training from Todd Delle head of the American branch of Kassai International School of Horseback Archery in Big Fork, Montana.

My Father Robert Grant.  Approx 1940 in Alemeda, California  on the left.  Approx 1948 in Dallas, Oregon.

Grandma Eden Grant Approx. 1948.                                                                Grandpa Eugene hunting after the Tillamook, Oregon fire.  Approx. 1952

Grandpa Eugene shooting with Tom Kerrigan.  Approx. 1952-53

International Horseback Archery World Cup

Training In Montana