Kendo and Kenjutsu

Santa Fe Kendo Club

“Empty your cup and it will be filled”

Kendo is a highly misunderstood combative discipline.  One may think that the focus of our art is to simple beat one another with sticks.  In practicing kendo the primary concern is self discipline with the goal of obtaining mastery of self.   The strike is not as important as balancing  relaxation and tension within the variables of combat.

The Yamabushi (Literally: “One who lies/hides in the mountains”) are Japanese mountain ascetic hermits with a long tradition as mighty warriors.

It was from my interest in the Yamabushi and combative arts that I became interested in Kendo.

I first began my studies while at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon under the instruction of Sensei Jeff Chen.  As an existing instructor of Western Fencing I had to “empty my cup” and start new.  This was an exciting prospect as I felt I had hit a plataea in Western systems.

After moving to New Mexico I found myself without practice partners.  It was at this time that Sensei Chen gave me his “blessing” to teach Kendo at my level and bring the discipline, art and science of kendo to Santa Fe, NM.  I began teaching a few select individuals at my home.  We then moved into the mountains above Santa Fe and Sun Mountain / Zia Kendo was formed.

With Enrique Montoya II in the Sangre De Christo Mountains.

We hiked to the top of Sun Mountain and practiced in the mountain air overlooking Santa Fe (7000′ elevation).

As the student body grew we came down from the mountain and started meeting at a city park which was a more central and accessible location. It was at this time we became officially known as Santa Fe Kendo Club.

Teaching Kendo is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.  I strive to set a good example for my students and help them to attain skills in Kendo and Kenjutsu that will be a springboard to future Sensei.

Although I am acting Sensei in Santa Fe my students teach me just as much as I teach them.  We are a tight knit group with great respect for one another.

I welcome and encourage  visiting Sensei.   We are all open for more growth and our “cups are empty”.

Custom Built  Kendo Gear

Hand cut and hand stitched all leather Tare.   12oz leather with 9 oz. overlay.  Ideal for teachers.  This leather tare is highly abrasion resistant and unlike cotton is unaffected by the elements if the outdoors is your dojo.  Contact me for pricing and design options.

Kote Protection.  Hand cut and hand stitched 12 oz leather with laminated 9 oz leather overlay.  Ideal for teachers as it is capable of displacing kote uchi as effectively as a kote mit with exception of the back of hand.   Fits under traditional kote mits for added protection for teacher or Motodachi.  These kote  can easily be wet molded to the owner’s wrist and forearm for perfect fit.  Again, Contact me for pricing and design options.